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Hetta Music Days Weekend Festival August 28.-30. at Enontekiö

Hetta Music Days will organize an exceptional three-concert mini festival during the last weekend of August.

The theme of the event is Price of Peace, due to the passed 75 years from the end of the 2nd World War in the finnish Lapland; the last German troops left Finland for Norway on April 27, 1945, at Kilpisjärvi.

– The Lappish Military Band Brass Quintet will give a special outdoor concert at Järämä fortress, 200 meters from the main road at Karesuvando/ Markkina on Saturday afternoon 29 August at 14. A public seminar will be held at Hetta School Hall on Saturday evening at 19, with a report of recent research on the area as well as drone videos. Prof. Helena Ranta (known for leading the international delegation after the Bosnian war) will lead the discussion.

– The evening before, Friday 28 August at 19, the internationally breaking-through duo Vildá will start the mini festival at Hetta School Hall. Their program consists of new music based on Sámi yoik tradition, composed by the Sámi singer Hilda Länsman and accordionist Viivi Saarenkylä.

– On Sunday, August 30 at 15, two Finnish top chamber musicians, Paavali Jumppanen and Lauri Sallinen, will finish the festival at Hetta church. They will perform romantic and impressionistic music for piano and clarinet by composers Brahms, Weber, Debussy, and Messiaen. Coffee during the intermission.

TICKETS: https://www.hetanmusiikkipaivat.fi/
More info: hetan.musiikkipaivat@enontekio.fi



Hetan Musiikkipäivät ry, Ounastie 165, 99400 ENONTEKIÖ
Puh. +358 40 543 9876, hetan.musiikkipaivat@enontekio.fi


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