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Overview of Hetta Music Days 2022 in English

The theme of Hetta Music Days 2022 is Encounters. We will host and facilitate encounters of music and musicians who haven’t necessarily (been) performed together at the same time and venue before.

Our main guest musicians, pianist Laura Mikkola, soprano Tuuli Lindeberg and Zagros string quartet will perform together in various combinations in the Thursday opening concert, ending with Rautavaara’s iconic Cantus Arcticus in its version for piano and birdsong recording.

The Middle Ages and the New Age will alternate in the concert of Good Friday, featuring soprano Tuuli Lindeberg as the leading figure. The same concert will travel to Kautokeino on Saturday afternoon, while Laura Mikkola and violinist Hannu Vasara will perform a duo concert at Hetta church in the same evening.

Our final concert on Sunday will witness the first performance of Piano Quintet by Maija Hynninen, commissioned by Hetta Music Days, and culminate in the performance of Schumann’s Piano Quintet, one of the cornerstones of romantic chamber music repertoire.

Three of the concerts will be preceded by a lecture – with a glimpse of music – by two medical doctors, famous for their musical skills as well: Jari Sinkkonen – child psychiatrist, flutist and patron of this year’s festival – and Reino Pöyhiä, professor of pallatiave medicine and concert pianist.

Tickets will come for sale in the beginning of next year.

TICKETS: lippu.fi
More info: hetan.musiikkipaivat@enontekio.fi



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